Stand with the Prisoners! Support Them in Winning Their Demands!

Despite the growing support for this historic hunger strike– at least 6,600 people across at least 13 prisons have joined–the CDCR refuses to negotiate with the prisoners. Thousands of people worldwide, both inside and outside prison are rallying support for this courageous action. We need to pressure the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners NOW.

Call the CDCR and your representatives and urge them to negotiate with the prisoners and honor their demands! (Click Here fore more info, including phone numbers and a sample script).

Make sure to attend solidarity actions and show your support for the prisoners! *Actions in San Francisco, Harlem, Cleveland and Toronto are happening tomorrow, July 9th! *

3 thoughts on “Stand with the Prisoners! Support Them in Winning Their Demands!

  1. Attended a solidarity noise demo outside MCC in NYC the other day. Called the numbers. I hope this keeps spreading. Everyone who has ever been locked up is pulling for these folks!

  2. Greetings ~

    I am writing from Haliburton County in Ontario, Canada. As of this morning a group of us have begun a 3-day fast in solidarity with the prisoners who are being subjected to inhumane conditions in California’s jails. We regard this fast as a way to remain focused on the sufferings of our incarcerated brothers and sisters. We extend them our heartfelt support and hope that their spirits remain strong and free.

    One love.

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