CDCR Taunting Hunger Strikers with “4th of July Menu”

According to the wife of a Pelican Bay SHU prisoner, “The prison has been advertising the 4th of July holiday Menu, with hotlinks, strawberry shortcake and ice cream. They have NEVER had ice cream in the SHU, and in the nearly 20 years he has been in the CA system, he has never seen a strawberry.”

This shows us the range of divide-and-conquer tactics the CDCR is using to break the strike even before it has started. It also shows how seriously the CDCR is taking this action–as something to repress before it begins, but also not-significant enough to warrant any substantial change in prison conditions. More so, this tactic of repression demonstrates the purpose of Security Housing Units–to crush prisoner’s capacity for building relationships and collective resistance by further isolating them. We need to make our solidarity with the prisoners loud and clear!

7 thoughts on “CDCR Taunting Hunger Strikers with “4th of July Menu”

  1. Everyone should read up on the ways os cangaceiros in France supported prisoner strikes in France!
    Tactics included train blockades, sabotage, massive flyering and just throwing them all over the city, banner hangs, road blockades.
    Block the economy until they win!

  2. I just got out of womens shu……I never saw a strawberry either. My best friend is also in a mens shu. I completely agree we have to do anything we can to pull prisoners up not push them down. Especially in SHU

    • “anything we can do to pull prisoners up not push them down,”
      — just out of womens shu

      i took a step back to view older posts and cane upon this. it is simple, and wonderful. the buffalo 9 stand in solidarity and continue a chain-fast in support of our brothers and sisters inside.

      we ar march on Attica September 9 and 10th, and I will carry that slogan to the walls. bless you for remembering the women back where you came from ….
      for justice and peace,
      — chuck

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